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Summer Learning

June 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians,


Our students had a busy year learning new math and reading skills. Mastery of these skills is extremely important in order to develop a solid foundation. Each year builds upon the previous year’s skills in math and reading.  Additional practice, especially in struggling areas, will support your child’s academic success. The attached practice work will be beneficial in helping your child build and maintain the skills necessary for success in the upcoming school year.


All RTI students will be set up with an account on the MobyMax website - This is a free online program that will specifically meet the needs of your child.  The first time students login, they will complete an assessment to determine an appropriate starting level.  Mobymax allows students to progress at their own pace through the programs.  Encourage your child to utilize the website regularly for practice in all content areas.  

Math - A math packet is included in this packet. It is our hope that students will complete the packet by the end of August.   An answer key is included for parent use only.


Reading -  Reading passages with questions are included in this packet. Please encourage your child to read each passage multiple times and answer the questions that accompany them.  It is expected that students read and complete the questions for at least one passage a week for a total of 8 weeks.  


Students are expected to return the packets the first week of school to their classroom teacher. Each student who returns their packet with the math pages and 8 reading passages completed will receive a reward for completion.  If you need practice worksheets, printable resources are available below.


Enjoy your summer!


Amy Mumley,  Reading Resource Teacher

Heather Mullen,  Math Resource Teacher

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